Fundamentals of the swing

Today I’d like to talk about some of the basic concepts of your golf swing. One of the biggest things for beginners and their golf swing is understanding the concept of the golf swing; A lot of people have the wrong idea of what they should be doing with their golf swing. So hopefully this article will help people new to the game understand more what they should be doing with their swing but also giving them something practical that they can use in their game.

The first thing we’re going to talk about is hip height movements which is probably the most important part of your swing and what we are looking for to get a perfectly straight shot. Making sure your Club is lined up with your target which is the ball is one of the fundamental keys to a great golf swing, but when you start your swing you’re going to be working your body which is not a straight line so a lot of beginners like to try to bring their Club straight back and forward to hit the ball which is not the correct method. From the good golf swing we want the golf club to In and around so in from the target line back to the Target line and then in from the target line on the way through the golf club does not travel in a straight line but the ball should.

The club moves in and around from the target line on an arc and the clubface opens and closes. The biggest impact on your game is allowing the club to move in and around your body and everything working in unison to strike the ball. I’ve table people who been playing the game for 10 years and I asked them what they think they should be doing and they think the club should be going straight back and they’ve been playing for 10 years. A great way to practice is to do all the movements slowly even if you only hit the ball 20 yards get the fundamentals down and then put the Power behind it to really knock that ball down the course. If you fully understand what the golf club should be doing it’s going to have a major impact on your game.

One of the biggest things that has impacted my game personally lately has been hybrid golf clubs I’ve been playing around with the Cobra Z models here’s a full review of them. The next article we’re going to be talking about rangefinders for golfing to help you better understand how much of your power you need to use to get the ball to certain distances on the course. I found some helpful reviews for rangefinders at a website I stumbled across.

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